Retirement Activities – Things To Do In Your Retirement

Nearing Retirement

“Always being in a hurry does not prevent death; neither does going slowly prevent living” – Ibo Proverb


This African proverb is a fine example of how you can embrace your new retirement phase.  Retirement planning includes thinking about what you want to do with your hard earned free time.

A new metamorphosis of life awaits you when you reach your old age. Hoping to live another period of a satiating life is normal human tendency. You become an epitome of mystery, we call life! Old age is a blessing for those who know they have in numerous seeds to sow for others to benefit from.

Depending on what kind of life you had lived and what kind of life you always wanted shall always be a contradictory thought to entertain.

Ergo, you can choose from the multitude of things to opt for, in later life and feel productive (again).


Cruise Ship

Retirement Activities For Travel Lovers

1- Cruises– Are a fantastic way to see the world.  They offer all kinds of activities and entertainment, while all your living and eating needs are taken care of.  There are even companies that specialize in this – such as Cruise Retirement.

2- Rent a RV or have one of your own – Okay, you are old, but your burning desires of driving on your own did not flame out. Now is the time to reignite them. Don’t wait for winters (or if you want to) and head out to desired destinations on the globe. Your new life experience is just some miles away!  This is a great article on retiring to an RV:

3- Travel abroad (or your native country maybe) – If a cruise doesn’t wet your appetite (pun intended), there are other ways to travel. Just book your tickets to a place where you always dreamed of. Additionally, discover your new favorite places, country side. This time don’t miss any of it. You can also travel to warmer climates during winters if you don’t want to shovel 10 feet deep snow.  Read about becoming a snowbird in retirement.


Hobby Classes

Retirement Activities For The Outdoor And Active

1- Go Camping – Cooking camps, art camps, music camps, adventure camps, wine camps, food and wine camps, science camps, outdoor camps (for hiking, trekking etc). Live your camping dream to the fullest (once again).  This is a great article on camping in retirement.

2-Hobby Classes – Learn what you thought you could do in the past, now! Wanted to cook an exotic Indian dish to surprise your spouse or how learning a new language could contribute to neuroplasticity of the brain- a stupendous idea to delay dementia and feel awesome.  If you’ve never heard of hobby classes, check out this article.


Volunteering In Retiremen

Retirement Activities For Social Bugs

1- Volunteer for social work/teaching- Hospice volunteer, teaching volunteer, social work, could add to your new found love while servicing people at the same time.  This is a great resource for volunteering as a retiree:

2- Choosing to become a docent or a storytelling tour guide for your city could add some really good friends to your list.



Reading In Retirement

Retirement Activities For Bookworms

1- Rediscover and rewrite your town history/memoirs or dig deep into your genealogical roots to publish it or host a Book reading camp event every fortnight. You can also choose to volunteer at your local library.


In Summary – Things To Do With Your Retirement

Retiring gives you a wide menu of activities – in this article we’ve covered some for every kind of person.  Finances and money are an important aspect of retirement but it isn’t all just about things like sorting out your Brexit strategy or impact.

Remember that you earned this and you need to plan to enjoy your free time. Make sure and check out our other financial tips too.

Whatever you choose always remember – “Learning expands great souls and beyond”.


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